The exhibition concept "Seestadt Tower" uses temporarily empty rooms in Seestadt (Vienna) and focuses on spatial revitalization. In Vienna, a considerable part of the art scene is concentrated in the inner districts. With this off-space concept, the concentration of the cultural scene is directed towards the outskirts.
Year: 2021 & 2022 | Responsibilities​​​​​​: concept, branding, print design (posters, invitations, stickers, flyers, goodies), exhibition catalog layout, on-site design (banners, signs, boards, etc.)
Urban Biodiversity (1. August - 30. September 2021) | Artists: Ahmed Thaer, Bianca Phos, Contemporary Matters,  Luisa Hübner, Lukas Dworschak, Matthias Ramsey, Max Freund, Miriam Laussegger, Sascha Alexandra Zaitseva | Proximity and Distance (Juli - September 2022) | Artists: Daniela Trinkl, Felix Weisz, Jasmin Edelbrunner, Julia Belova, Michaela Putz, Michael Wegerer, Miryana Sarandeva, Nayeun Park, Peter Schönhardt, Simon Goritschig
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